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Testimonials of Satisfied Clients
Florida Flat Fee MLS Real Estate Realtor Listing Service



Well, all the dust has settled, and my wife and I are the happy owners of only ONE house, not TWO, thanks to having sold our former home using your company. I have recommended your service to everyone I've talked to who might be even remotely interested in selling a property. The seller's realtor we bought our new house through offered to simply list our other property on MLS for over $4,000; Your listing fee was only $450! You also saved us around $16,000 in realtor commission if we had used a selling agent, too! We needed that money a whole lot more than they did, I assure you. All of this in the weak selling market we're in...
I am so glad we found your service, and welcome you to use this testimonial to get others to make the smart choice and list on MLS for a low, flat fee. Thanks a bunch-
Jeff Leopold (Lakeland, Fl)




Hi Doug,
     Just wanted to thank you for providing a great service. My realtor was going to list my property for a fee of $10,000. Then I searched the net for 2 whole days for the best deal around, and your price was the lowest for the same service a listing realtor would have provided . I got the same results for under $ 300.  Not only that, but my listing was up and running the day you said it would, and looks no different than all the other MLS listings. You were there each time I called with a question, and provided me with answers. Your service is impeccable, and I'll recommend you to anyone who's going to list their property.
    Best Regards,
     Albert Rocuant
(Northport, Fl)


Need a testimonial? It hit the MLS on Thursday, I got my first call on Saturday, they viewed the home and signed a contract for asking price (minus $2000 at closing) on Sunday (while a second Realtor was showing the house).


Jerry Haynes (Navarre, Fl)


I am willing to provide a testimonial for your listing service.  I listed the home with you around January 19, 2004 and the first weekend we had 5 showings and the following Friday we received our first offer.  We rejected the offer and that second weekend we had five more showings and we are currently working out the details and I believe we will get to contract on this one.  We may not have to show the house a third weekend if this works out.

Dennis A. Chen
(Ocoee, FL) 


"When contemplating selling our home in Weston, we felt that we could sell our own home, but we needed the marketing and photo capabilities of Realtor.com (the only internet ad you’ll ever need) and the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), to allow every real estate agent to help you sell the home.  We also needed a high-security, electronic lock-box to allow realtors to show our beautiful home to their qualified buyers when those clients were on the road ready to look and buy, which usually meant very little advance notice.  And we needed someone on our side to prepare an excellent seller’s market analysis, which is critical in allowing the buyer to obtain mortgage approval and in negotiating whether the final price is 5% higher or 5% lower.  So we purchased your low-cost, cancelable service for MLS and realtor.com with additional photographs, and rented an electronic lock-box, which recorded visits, by realtors, which was important for later contacts and marketing follow-up.  We were pleasantly surprised by the high quality of your data input, the quality of the photographs, and the excellent customer service.  

Years before, we had sold our townhouse in Kendall ourselves at a record amount.  While we ended up having to pay the buyer’s real estate agent 3%, we saved 3% by not having to pay a seller’s real estate agent.  We felt that we could do the same thing in Weston, although we had not considered how much more difficult it is to sell an executive home requiring a jumbo mortgage versus selling a townhouse.   We had initially put up a For Sale by Owner sign and received a flood of visitors, but almost none of these were qualified buyers ready to BUY NOW and pre-qualified for the mortgage.  Within two weeks after our home was put on the MLS and Realtor.com, we received two bids from qualified buyers ready to buy and close ASAP. 

 When we encountered sophisticated questions and requirements from the buyer and closing agent, you were always available, and we looked to you and purchased additional services, also at a very reasonable price.  The result was that we made it through the process of selling our own home, it wasn’t as hard as we thought, and we sold for a record amount and pocketed a lot more because we saved on real estate agent fees.  Thank you, Doug Addeo.  You are the BEST, and I would whole-heartedly recommend you as a trustworthy assistant to any homeowner wishing to sell their home!!"

With warm regards,

Bob, Carlene, Robert, Bryan, Taylor and Zachary Boyett (Weston , Florida)


"Douglas Addeo is prompt, efficient, reliable and as professional as it comes. Not only did we achieve an amazing savings by using his services, it was a genuine pleasure to work with him. Doug delivered everything he advertised and ensured that we were happy with each facet of the process."

Dr. and Mrs Robert Elessar (Oviedo, Florida)


Dear Doug,


I’m writing to thank you for your assistance in listing my property in Oviedo, Florida.  As a first time seller, I had many questions and needed a fair amount of guidance.  In all instances, you conducted yourself in a professional manner answering all of my questions promptly.  In cases where I called and had to leave a message, you got back to me in a very timely manner.


I sold my home last week and it is definitely thanks to Rebate-Realty.com.   From the day you listed my home in the MLS to the day I sold it (approximately 5 weeks), I had daily calls from realtors and a constant stream of potential buyers viewing my home. 


You have a well-deserved excellent reputation and I highly recommend your service to anyone who is considering selling their home.   In my case, you not only offered an excellent service, you also offered a considerable savings to me in that I only had to pay a commission to the selling agent.  I have already recommended you to several people and will continue to do so.


Again, thank you for all of your assistance.




Carol Kavalla

Oviedo, Florida


"We had a private sale of our home without any Realtor commissions, thanks to you and the flat fee MLS listing program. It couldn't have been easier or more efficient....and obviously very effective! I do think the extra exposure garnered by the Realtor.com photos was well worth the money."

Thanks for your thorough & expeditious help.

-Gina Molitor ( Fort Myers, Florida)


Doug, Your services kick ass, Dude! We did the yard-sign-thing for about 4 months and we were getting nowhere with that method. Then BAM! Ten days with your MLS flat fee service, we have a contract. And we even listed it at a higher price than we originally were asking. Thanks for your help and I'm spreading the word about your services.

-JJ Brenelli  (Tampa, Florida)


"Doug Addeo has been wonderful to work with. We tell all of our friends about him. He saved us over $4000.00 when he listed our property and helped us out tremendously by giving us a rebate of half of the commission for the purchase of our new home. That alone paid for our beautiful new living room furniture and home entertainment stereo system. We cant thank him enough."

- David and Selma Goldfarb (Jacksonville, Florida)


"Thank you for helping us sell our home and saving us money. Our property sold in only three days after being listed with your company and the transaction went very smoothly. We will definitely refer people to your service" 

Thanks again

Terry and Judith Karnes (Tampa, Florida)


"I was pleasantly surprised that you delivered everything promised and more, and I consider myself to be a pretty demanding consumer. I will be in contact with you shortly for the purchase of the condominium we spoke of. Thanks again for all your help Doug. 

Dominick  De Matteo (Miami, Florida)


" My husband and myself were not too fond of Real estate brokers, we have had dealings in the past that kept us away from dealing with them on the sale of this last home sale. We felt that the person (whom I wont mention by name, and is still around)  that listed our last home about five years ago didn't do a darned thing for us once we signed his listing contract. He was paid a significant amount of money for doing absolutely nothing. We saw him twice, the day we signed with him and the day we paid his company over $21,000. We even considered using "XXX Owner" this time around since we didn't want to deal with Realtors, but didn't in the end because they wanted over two thousand dollars from us up front and someone we spoke with at a dinner party who used them said the house didn't sell from using that service and the response to the advertising was very poor. Our misgivings about Real estate brokers changed when we came across your company, thanks for giving us an alternative in the sale of this home. I wish I had heard of you and your company a few years ago. My sister used your service and recommended us to you, and we were very happy she did. The selling agent worked diligently to sell our home for the commission we offered her, we are very happy with her as well, please let Kathy know that if you speak to her. Please mail me some more business cards to my new address."  Thank You very much Douglas.


Cindy and Thomas Nash (Orlando, Florida)



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